Get ready for IE7 – now

The IE team have Today announced on their blog that IE7 (Seven) will be pushed out to Windows XP users using MS automatic update (contrary to what Chris Wilson told Vitamin). This will happen some time in the fourth quater of this year.

I believe this has huge implecations for anyone that develops commercial sites, you need to ensure that your sites won’t break in Seven, so start testing now.

Remember that a lot of CSS hacks that have been useful in IE6< will not work in seven, but the box model is still broken (in quirks mode)! Rather than using hacks, MS recommend using IE conditional comments.

my first wordpress “hack”

xhtml compliant flickr widget

I’ve made some changes to the flickr sidebar widget. When I installed it I didn’t realise that it used tables for layout, then I validated my page and found there where a number of issues in the widget; so I took it upon myself to sort out the xhtml.

I have:

  • Fixed the img tags
  • Removed CSS rules from the widget (you can’t have a <style> tag inside an li)
  • Removed the table markup and replaced it with a single div
  • Written new CSS rules for the Theme’s style sheet

You can download the revised widget here.

Baby scans

They’ve been a long time coming, but here are the ultrasound scans of baby Ford #2 (due November 2006):

20 week scan

20weekscan1 20weekscan2 12weekscan3

12 week scan

12weekscan1 12weekscan2

9 week scan



I’ve been looking for a decent blogging tool for some time.
What I really wanted was an ASP or based tool, however after a great deal of searching I was unable to find anything written in ASP or .net that met my main requirement of being xhtml compliant and using CSS for layout.
I dabbled with forest blog, which is pretty good – but doesn’t have enough bells and whistles for what I want to do here.

I tried installing wordpress a few weeks back, but was unable to get it to install because the PHP installation on my Windows 2003 was insistant that it didn’t have mySQL support. I kept getting the error message “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress”.

Eventually I got round this problem by downloading the latest version of PHP and overwriting my DLLs, uncommenting a couple of lines in my php.ini file and I was in business.

So, here it is; my new blog. At the moment it’s more or less a bog standard wordpress install, with a few minor changes:

  • installed the “Almost Spring” theme
  • installed the sidebar widget plugin
  • installed Joel Bennett’s Acronym Replacer plugin
  • Added the flickr widget to the sidebar to display my pictures
  • added the to display my bookmarks I’ve saved there
  • I’ve also tried to install the spell check plugin, but so far without success, so please forgive any typos!

I’m planning to write about myself and my family, internet related subjects – mainly accessibility & web standards, but I’ll also talk about .net and emerging technologies such as AJAX.