Adobe launch CSS Advisor Beta

Adobe have launched a new community website with the aim of:

  • Finding solutions to CSS and browser compatibility issues
  • Sharing solutions and workarounds you’ve discovered with the community
  • Allowing the community to comment on and improve existing solutions

CSS Advisor will apparently be integrated into the next version of Dreamweaver which (according to Sitepoint) is due out next year.

I think that this will be a really useful tool for anyone develops CSS based sites, assuming that people contribute to the site and Adobe keep access open to the general public once the next version of DW is released.

I’m a beta male!

I’ve been accepted as a beta tester for a new version of a programme I use everyday (very exciting ;¬) ). I can’t tell you which product it is because I’m sworn to secrecy (I’m not even allowed to let anyone know about the existence of this update ), I’d quite like to get on to future beta programmes for this company so I don’t want to hack them off.

I’ve installed it on my laptop – but only had chance for a cursory glance before having to leave for work. I’ve installed it on my PC and mac mini at work; I’m quite looking forward to using it on the mac as I’ve only ever used the mac for browser testing up to now.

There are some good new features in here that my fellow designer / developers will find very useful. I just wish I could tell you what they are.

Erin update; two weeks old

Erin seems to be doing really well; when she was weighed last Tuesday she was 8lb 9.5oz so she’d put on 8.5oz in just over a week. The health visitor has been out to see her Today and she’s pleased with her progress.

Erin is feeding well, but for some reason seems to find it difficult to get off to sleep. That said, for the last two nights she has only woken up once in the night for a feed which is pretty good.

Isla is still really enjoying being a big sister, she’s keen to help with little jobs like fetching clothes & nappies; she’s even tried feeding Erin a couple of times. Isla has recieved lots of “big sister” presents which has helped to keep the green eyed monster at bay.

We are all looking forward to Erin’s first Christmas, Laura and I can’t wait to see Isla face this Christmas morning as she is much more clued up about what’s going on this year.

Testing IE6 & IE7 on the same machine

Since the arrival of IE7 there have been a number of workarounds developed to enable designers & developers to test their site in IE6 & IE7 on the same machine. However, none of these have been entirely successful; for example the standalone version of IE6 I had installed didn’t work with HTMLconditional comments, so my IE6 style sheet was not picked up.

Now MS have come to the rescue with a free virtual PC installation that allows you to run IE6 on your machine. It’s essentially like running another version of windows XP on your PC simultaneously.

You’ll need to download Virtual PC 2004 SP1 & the IE6 Testing VPC image from the microsoft. Install virtual PC, unzip the IE6 testing image, point virtual PC at it and off you go!

The virtual PC image is time bombed, so it won’t work after April next year, but by then hopefuly IE7 will be ubiquitous and we can forget IE6 ever happened.