It’s live! now I can talk about it

Back in February I changed jobs; at the time I couldn’t say much about the new job because the project I’ve been working on was being kept secret for commercial reasons.

Tesco Property Market screen shotNow that the website is live there is no reason that I can’t tell you about it. Tesco Property Market is a new site from Tesco selling homes in the UK. The site carries advertisements from Fish 4 which are added by Estate Agents, however the most important feature of the site is that it allows people to advertise their homes for sale without the need for an Estate Agent. For a flat fee of £199 users are able to upload all of their property’s particulars and up to 20 photographs to the website and have a signboard professionally installed outside their house. The website handles all communications between vendors and would be buyers from arranging viewings right through to accepting an offer.

I’ve been responsible for the front end development of the site over the last few months & I’m extremely proud to have been involved in this project – hopefully we’ll make a big impact on the way homes are sold in the UK.