dconstruct 08 compo

dconstruct 2008Those fine fellows at clear left are once again running dconstruct the peerless Brightonian one day web conference. I was there last year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hopefully my boss read his email last week and remembered to book my ticket, but in case he didn’t I decided to enter the competition for a ticket.

So here is my slightly tongue in cheek offering. I hope that the clear lefties will take it in the spirit in which it’s intended & that Erin is able to forgive me when she’s old enough to be offended.

How not to deliver a good customer experience

When purchasing software online you expect the process to go something like this:

  • Choose your software
  • Add to cart
  • Pay
  • Download Software

nice and simple & stress free. Unfortunately some companies don’t get it – Tomtom I’m looking at you.

Yesterday I decided to purchase the Tomtom maps of Western Europe in preparation for our holiday next month, so I spent £60 (approx $120 US) on the map and nearly a day later I’m still waiting for it to be “delivered”.

The Tomtom  map purchase experience goes like this:

  • Choose map
  • Add to Cart
  • Confirm your Tomtom account details
  • Pay
  • Get a screen that thanks you for your purchase and tells you that you will receive download instructions “shortly”
  • Receive thank you email
  • Receive invoice email
  • Wait!

Now the thank you screen did say that if I waited more than 24hrs for the download details to get in touch, but frankly I think having to wait more than a few minutes is too long – if I’m buying a software download I want it now, not tomorrow. Come on Tomtom, sort it out.