Let’s agree to never speak of this again

I don’t think I’m a naturally grumpy person, but there are somethings that I just don’t understand that bring out my inner curmudgeon.

My feelings about sport pretty much match the way I feel about religion: Practice it & enjoy it if you want (though for the life of me I don’t understand why you would), as long as you don’t force it in my face and it doesn’t cost me anything… fine.

Why does anyone care about this stuff?

I can run a bit, swim a bit and throw things a bit but I wouldn’t expect anyone else to be interested in how effectively I can do those things. Hell, I don’t even care. Why an adult would  want to watch some other adults trying to get from one place another quickly is completely beyond me. Watching a kids sports day is one thing “awww, bless… little Johnny managed to do the sack race without falling on his nose.” but if the only thing someone is any good at by the time the reach puberty is elegantly falling in to a swimming pool, we should be asking ourselves how the education system was allowed to foul up so badly, not celebrating it.

I’m proud to be British, as a nation we have much to be proud of. We’ve given the world a model for democracy, the World Wide Web, marmite and much more besides. The idea that someone can represent their country by running round in circles seems completely barmey to me.

Don’t be fooled

Besides, it’s not actually about the sport. I hear Jessie J sang “price tag” at the closing ceremony last night. I’m sorry love, you’re wrong…  the money is precisely what it’s all about. Coke, Lloyds and Visa didn’t sponsor the Olympics because they love you, they did it because the recognise that they can make a ton of cash of the back of it. Now I have absolutely nothing against corporations making tons and tons of cash, the Olympic tax breaks didn’t even upset me all that much. The thing is this: do you think those megacorps would have put money in to the Olympics if they thought they could fleece the public for the same amount of dough with out having to pay for some shell suited people to mince about a stadium? Of course they wouldn’t. I’m particularly pissed off about Lloyds, as a public owned bank they should be nowhere near things like this.

Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!!!

In a 24/7 news cycle driven social media world the Olympics have been almost impossible to avoid. It didn’t matter how many filters I set up in tweetbot I was still subjected to a multitude of tweets about the games. Facebook has been full of it and the media, well… We have dozens and dozens of radio & TV channels some of them (Sky Sports News & Five Live for example) are even dedicated to sport. Why then did the Olympics get front page billing on the main BBC News website? Why has it entirely taken over the TV & Radio schedules? My two favourite shows on  Radio 4  (Today & PM) have been pretty much unlistenable for the past few weeks because there’s been so much Olympic nonsense on them. Is it really that unreasonable to expect sport to be kept to the sports channels? They were still harping on about it on Today this morning; it’s finished now, shut up about it! The last thing we need is 2012 becoming the new 1966. To rebalance things, I propose that BBC Parliament, NASA TV & coverage from CERN be allowed to dominate the schedules for the next few weeks.

Double dip what now?

I could get really, really ranty about the cost to the tax payer, but I shall simply say £9.3bn is approximately £150 per person in the UK. That’s per person, not per tax payer. Think of the good that money could have been used for.

Any way, that’s my rant. Let’s all agree to never speak of this again.