Adobe announce Creative Suite 3

I’ve been waiting for ages for CS3 to come out, and Today Adobe have finally released some details about it on their website. Although there’s not a lot of substance to it yet, there’s an awful lot of marketing speak on there and no trial versions yet.

I’ve been using Fireworks CS3 beta and it’s pretty good, certainly an improvement over earlier versions. I’m keen to see what improvements there are to dreamweaver, specifically to do with how it deals with C#. Dreamweaver 8 can write pages, but it doesn’t put the code into code behind pages – it does it all in line which is not great, this is something I’d definitely like to see sorted in DW CS3. There are a few things that do look interesting in dreamweaver CS3. The CSS support sounds like it has been improved dramatically and there’s the new “Spry” Ajax framework. Unfortunately, I think I read that Spry uses invalid inaccessible code. I’ll withhold judgement on whether it’s worth upgrading (I’m currently using CS2) until I’ve been able to play with trials of Dreamweaver and Photoshop.