Adobe “Fully Loaded” Tour

I’m sitting in the Brighton Odeon Cinema in the “Fully Web” Session of “Fully Loaded” Tour it’s being presented by Steve B(something).

It’s basically Adobe trying to sell their suite of web development products. It’s not really holding my attention. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, all they have covered in any detail so far is Dreamweaverand Fireworks. These are the two tools that I use more than any others, I don’t think I’ve learned anything new. Secondly while the presenter may know the Adobe products inside out (and to be honest I’m not sure he does) his grasp of CSS and “hayche-tee-em-el” and frankly scary.
He must have said three or four times:

There are two main types of container in CSS, IDs and CSS

The implication being that the containing block (eg the html div) is the ID or Class, he never mentioned xhtml once. There where a few other “WTF?” moments I can’t think of any of hand

The second session

We’re in the second session now which is on Flash. He’s already said “in fact Flash is more accessible the HTML, if anyone disagrees I’ll prove them wrong”!
OK this is a bit better, I’ve just learned a couple of useful things. First of the “Ease” tool looks quite useful for changing the properties of objects on the stage. Also, the “zoomify” tool for flash looks quite interesting.

In the Q & A Session, people didn’t seem that interested in asking questions. I think most of had switched off by that point. I asked what the future was for Dreamweaver, how they are going to compete with Microsoft Expression. He said he couldn’t really comment but to look at so I’ll be doing that later.
All in all, this was not the best event I’ve been to, the freebies are not up to the standard I’ve come to expect. I used to rely on Macromedia events to provide me with all my note pads and pens, all I got this time was a lousy brochure.