Back in the saddle

In the last few years my enthusiasm for blogging had dwindled to the point where I’ve only posted twice in four years.

I’m hoping that’s about to change.

Last week I was at Full Frontal in Brighton a one day conference for JavaScript Developers. It’s a great event which is now in its sixth year, I’ve been lucky enough to attend most of them.

I always leave Full Frontal pumped up and full of ideas, and this year was no exception. I left with a mental list of things I want to play with or do; getting back into blogging is the first of these.

Hannah Wolfe gave a very interesting talk about open sourcing Ghost, a node based blogging platform that I backed on Kickstarter. It reminded me that I should really pull my finger out and take Ghost for a spin, so I’ve imported all the posts from my old WordPress based blog and moved across to

It’s a start, I hope I can maintain a bit of momentum.

Next up (hopefully) a couple of posts about the internet of things, starting with wearables.