Hype 2.0

There is a huge buzz in the web community at the moment about “web 2.0″.

Web 2.0 is the term applied by some people to products of the recent trend for developing web applications using technologies like XML & AJAX, providing “social networks” – where people are able to interact with each other and manipulate or personalise the content of a website. If it sounds like waffle, that’s because it is. Web 2.0 is, as I suspected from the first time I heard the term is the emperor’s new clothes.

OK, that’s maybe a little strong, but there’s nothing new in web 2.0, it’s evolutionary not revolutionary. The technologies that are being used (xhtml, xml, the DOM even AJAX, or at least it’s component parts) have been around for years, they may just have come of age – but jumping up and down and shouting “this is all new” simply isn’t true.

All of that said, these are still exciting times for the internet. There seems to be renewed vigor in the web dev community, and some of the new apps coming out are really very useful. I use del.icio.us for bookmarks, I’m starting to use flickr and stumbleupon can be good for killing a bit of time. There’s Basecamp for getting organised and the big players like google and yahoo are opening up APIs for some of their products and providing AJAX frameworks to help speed up development.

So, use the term web 2.0 if you must to secure your VC backing but lets not kid ourselves, it’s just a vacuous buzz word.

I love the technology, but I hate the hype