Book recommendation: Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda

On my dog walks over the past few weeks, interspersed between my usual mixture of podcasts and 90’s techno I’ve been listening to Ken Kocienda read his book “Creative Selection – Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs” on Audible.

I enjoyed Ken describing his personal journey through the ranks at Apple, but for me the really interesting stuff was in how Apple develops new products and services. A lot of what Ken says really resonated with me. It sounded a lot like the kinds of processes we have in place when developing for

In a lot of ways I think this book should be required reading (or listening) for anyone involved in designing or managing products.

Listening to books like this means I can consume them while doing something else that doesn’t require too much brain power (like walking) and hearing the author’s words in their own voice adds something that you don’t get from ink on paper. That said, there was a lot to take in in this book and I came away thinking that I need to give it another listen for it all to sink in, or maybe even read the print edition. I think I’ll wait for the paperback.