Erin update; two weeks old

Erin seems to be doing really well; when she was weighed last Tuesday she was 8lb 9.5oz so she’d put on 8.5oz in just over a week. The health visitor has been out to see her Today and she’s pleased with her progress.

Erin is feeding well, but for some reason seems to find it difficult to get off to sleep. That said, for the last two nights she has only woken up once in the night for a feed which is pretty good.

Isla is still really enjoying being a big sister, she’s keen to help with little jobs like fetching clothes & nappies; she’s even tried feeding Erin a couple of times. Isla has recieved lots of “big sister” presents which has helped to keep the green eyed monster at bay.

We are all looking forward to Erin’s first Christmas, Laura and I can’t wait to see Isla face this Christmas morning as she is much more clued up about what’s going on this year.