Erin’s first full day

We took Erin back to hospital Today so that that the paediatrician could give her the once over and make sure that the faint heart murmur that they heard yesterday was nothing to worry about. She was checked over by two doctors; the junior doctor said she thought she could maybe hear something very feint, but on the other hand she could be imagining it. The registrar saaid he couldn’t hear anything, but said to get the GP to check at six weeks.

We where able to pop back to the delivery suite and introduce Erin to Dawn, one of the midwifes who helped Laura through most of her labour. So that was good.

Isla is loving being a big sister and is enjoying giving Erin kisses and cuddles, she was very proud to show her new baby sister off to all the helpers at nursery this evening.

Laura is just giving Erin a bath now (9.30pm) to try and wake her up a bit so that she has a bit of awake time before bed & will hopefully sleep.