I’ve been looking for a decent blogging tool for some time.
What I really wanted was an ASP or ASP.net based tool, however after a great deal of searching I was unable to find anything written in ASP or .net that met my main requirement of being xhtml compliant and using CSS for layout.
I dabbled with forest blog, which is pretty good – but doesn’t have enough bells and whistles for what I want to do here.

I tried installing wordpress a few weeks back, but was unable to get it to install because the PHP installation on my Windows 2003 was insistant that it didn’t have mySQL support. I kept getting the error message “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress”.

Eventually I got round this problem by downloading the latest version of PHP and overwriting my DLLs, uncommenting a couple of lines in my php.ini file and I was in business.

So, here it is; my new blog. At the moment it’s more or less a bog standard wordpress install, with a few minor changes:

  • installed the “Almost Spring” theme
  • installed the sidebar widget plugin
  • installed Joel Bennett’s Acronym Replacer plugin
  • Added the flickr widget to the sidebar to display my pictures
  • added the del.icio.us to display my bookmarks I’ve saved there
  • I’ve also tried to install the spell check plugin, but so far without success, so please forgive any typos!

I’m planning to write about myself and my family, internet related subjects – mainly accessibility & web standards, but I’ll also talk about .net and emerging technologies such as AJAX.