This blogging lark is hard work

I started my blog just over a month ago now.

Ever since then I have been working on an article about using lists for form layout, and it’s still not quite ready; most of the content is there, but it lacks a certain finesse. It is extremely frustrating that describing the system I’ve devised should be so difficult. It’s not like it’s a huge system that takes a lot of time to implement.

The biggest problem I’ve found with writing posts is getting the length right. In other words, not rambling on – but at the same time writing enough to make it worth somebody’s time to read the post. A big factor with any project, particularly one like this blog which has to take a low priority is time. At the moment I’m juggling a lot of different things. For example;

  • The Day Job
  • Being a Dad
  • Trying to be supportive husband to an expectant wife
  • Chasing a couple of private clients for instructions
  • Trying to find time to work on projects for said clients
  • Decorating in preparation for moving daughter to a new bedroom prior to babies arrival
  • Watching season 3 of 24 on DVD(!)

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Still, I’m going to persevere. So watch this space, really interesting and informative stuff coming soon(ish).