Update your Facebook status from Twitter

I reluctantly caved in and joined Facebook a few weeks back. At the time I really couldn’t see the point, after all – I have my blog and twitter for talking at people, Flickr for my photos, del.icio.us for bookmarks and last.fm for my music. Why would I need anything else?

For the first couple of weeks I just didn’t get it – I only had three friends on there, two of whom where my sisters, but then I started finding more and more people I knew and I was hooked. This site is what freinds reunited could have been if they’d done it properly.

Facebook allows you to bring in data from other sites using various “applications” that sit within the facebook site. One of the first things I did was add the Twitter app, but was immediately disappointed that this didn’t updat the the facebook status.

Getting to the point:

Fortunately there’s a new version of the official Twitter application on Facebook that directly updates your facebook status from twitter. If you use twitter and facebook go and get this now! If you have already installed the twitter app you just need to click the “Want Twitter to update your Facebook status? Click here!” link, then you may want to go to the Facebook application settings page and stop the twitter updates appearing in the mini feed otherwise you end up with duplicates.

Then you too can be a happy bunny like me.