Sky Anytime on PC causes machine to run very slowly

A few weeks back I installed Sky Anytime on PC; since then I had noticed a considerable deterioration in the machines performance – to the point where it was almost unusable.

I didn’t immediately put two and two together, I just assumed that it was time to give the laptop a bit of a spring clean; so I set about uninstalling a bunch of programmes that I had installed but don’t use (including Sky Anytime), ran a scan with Spy bot Search and Destroy, checked that my HD didn’t need defragmenting and so on.

Having done all this there was no discernible difference, the next step was to check what processes where running on my machine. That’s when I found “Kservice.exe” was using a fair amount of memory and CPU time. On investigation it turns out that this is the Peer 2 Peer service used by Sky Anytime on PC to distribute it’s content. I hadn’t even realised that Sky Anytime was a P2P application and certainly wouldn’t expect it to leave a service running on my PC one it had been uninstalled. I was not impressed.

I manually removed Kserver by stopping the service deleting the Kservice folder and romiving all the references to KDX from my registry. I subsequently found out that Sky have an uninstaller that you can download from their website. Hopefuly that’ll do the trick for anyone else who’s having problems with this.