Review: HP Photosmart C4585

Wireless Printer, Copier & Scanner – All In One Printer.

Since my old printer died a few months ago I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement. I ummed and ahhed for quite some time trying to work out what I wanted from a new device – eventually I decided that I wanted

  • a colour printer
  • integrated scanner
  • ideally wireless printing & scanning
  • cheap (<£100)

I’d almost given up on finding all these features in one device for the right price, then on Friday I spotted the HP Photosmart C4585 for £75 on the pc world website & decided it looked just the job.

Set up

Setting up the printer was surprisingly easy. Once the power was connected the printer displays easy to follow instructions for installing the ink cartridges on it’s screen.

Next I popped the set up DVD into my MacBook & followed the instructions. I was half expecting to experience pain trying to set the printer up with the Mac, but actually it was a doddle there’s a wizard that guides you through the whole process. Eventually it asks you to connect the the printer using the supplied USB cable; it asks you if you want to connect to a wireless network, if you answer yes the set up program displays the name of the network your computer is attached to and prompts to enter the network key and er, that’s it. Easy.

Note: When adding the printer under Print & Fax on your Mac OS X be sure to choose “HP Jetdirect – Socket” from the protocol drop down or you’ll get network device not ready errors when you try to print.

I thought it was a nice touch that HP provide a Mac OS desktop widget that shows you the printers ink levels.

Now that the printer was on the network it was very simple to set it up on the wife’s Windows XP rig. Again there’s a wizard to walk you through the set up, this time I told the software I wanted to install a network printer – it did a quick scan & found the printer. very, very easy.


If you buy a printer it’s a good idea to buy paper unless you’re sure you already have some. I wasn’t able to test the printing straight away. But when I did get to the shop and printed a documents I was very pleased with the text printing. I’ve also tried printing one photo (on photo paper) so far, I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the quality.


Before setting up the printer / scanner I wasn’t entirely sure if the scanning function was goting to be available over Wifi, I was extremely pleased to find that it does. No more plugging in USB leads for me! The scan results seem very good, so far I’ve used it to upload embarrassing photos of my Sisters to Facebook.


I’ve only had this bit of kit for a couple of days, but at the moment I’d be more than happy to recommend it to anyone based on my limited experience.

dconstruct 07

I thought I’d write a bit about dconstruct before it became too distant a memory.

The conference was really enjoyable and I came away with quite a lot of ideas buzzing about my head. i particularly enjoyed Designing for a Web of Data by Tom Coates and Jared Spool on The Dawning of the Age of Experience. Jared’s magic tricks where a welcome bit of non techy entertainment too.

My only slight disappointment on the day was that I was absolutely knackered – I think I was actually a bit jet lagged – I only got back from Las Vegas two days before, so I wasn’t as awake as I would’ve liked to have been. I couldn’t face the after party – anyone who knows me will know it’s not like me to pass up on free beer. Any way, I’ll definitely be back for dconstruct 08; in the meantime I need to find some other conferences to attend – I’m toying with the idea of going to @media Ajax in November.