Erin update; two weeks old

Erin seems to be doing really well; when she was weighed last Tuesday she was 8lb 9.5oz so she’d put on 8.5oz in just over a week. The health visitor has been out to see her Today and she’s pleased with her progress.

Erin is feeding well, but for some reason seems to find it difficult to get off to sleep. That said, for the last two nights she has only woken up once in the night for a feed which is pretty good.

Isla is still really enjoying being a big sister, she’s keen to help with little jobs like fetching clothes & nappies; she’s even tried feeding Erin a couple of times. Isla has recieved lots of “big sister” presents which has helped to keep the green eyed monster at bay.

We are all looking forward to Erin’s first Christmas, Laura and I can’t wait to see Isla face this Christmas morning as she is much more clued up about what’s going on this year.

Erin’s first full day

We took Erin back to hospital Today so that that the paediatrician could give her the once over and make sure that the faint heart murmur that they heard yesterday was nothing to worry about. She was checked over by two doctors; the junior doctor said she thought she could maybe hear something very feint, but on the other hand she could be imagining it. The registrar saaid he couldn’t hear anything, but said to get the GP to check at six weeks.

We where able to pop back to the delivery suite and introduce Erin to Dawn, one of the midwifes who helped Laura through most of her labour. So that was good.

Isla is loving being a big sister and is enjoying giving Erin kisses and cuddles, she was very proud to show her new baby sister off to all the helpers at nursery this evening.

Laura is just giving Erin a bath now (9.30pm) to try and wake her up a bit so that she has a bit of awake time before bed & will hopefully sleep.

Back home

Well we made it home. At about half three this afternoon the latest addition to the family arrived in the house.

Laura & Erin Very nearly had to stay an extra night in hospital, because Erin has a faint heart murmur. Fortunately we where able to talk the doctor into letting us go home, we’ve got to take her back tomorrow to be checked.

So here we all are, looking happy but tired at home:

I’ve added a few more pictures to flickr and I’ll continue to add them as I get time

Time for one more beer then it’s off to bed for me. I’ve had about 6 hours sleep since Thursday night (which is about 4 hours more than Laura’s managed).

She’s Arrived!

After a long hard slog Erin Mae Ford finally put in an appearance at 02.22 today. Weighing 8lb 1.

I meant to post lots of pictures, but I’ve bought the wrong lead for the camera with me. Here’s two I took with the phone. I’ll post more when I get home.

Booked in…

So, this morning was Laura’s 41 week check with the midwife.

She’s now booked in to be induced on Monday.  We’re still hoping baby will make an appearance before then.

Baby Update – 40 weeks 1 day.

Just back from the midwife’s, everything continues to be fine. So it’s just a waiting game still.

Laura’s cooked Chilli for dinner, I think the plan is to have a curry Tommorow (that’ll be the third in a week); she’s also got the reflexology appointment booked.

So here’s hoping something happens soon.


Today is D-day, the baby is now officially “due” to arrive.

Given the false starts we’ve had over the last couple of weeks (Laura’s had a few bouts of contractions lasting a few hours and then just stopping) neither Laura or I expected to still be waiting today. Still here we are.

Laura has a load of stuff arranged for the next few days to keep her occupied (friends & family visiting, midwife & reflexology appointments etc.). Meantime I’m stuck at work with butterflies in my stomach going slowly mad.

Baby update – 38 week check

Today’s Midwife appointment was pretty uneventful. The results from Laura’s Glucose & Iron tests where fine; baby’s heart rate is fine. It’s lying in the correct position, so that’s fine too :o)

Laura is extremely uncomfortable and pretty fed up now and I can’t say I blame her. We are both just looking forward to baby Ford making an appearance now.

Baby update

We’ve been for the 36 week check today.

The midwife seems happy with everything so that’s all good; Laura has got to go for a blood sugar level test next week as the dipstick showed slightly raised levels of glucose. We’re not overly concerned about that though because she had the same thing with Isla.

Next check in two weeks time.

No baby Today – or at least not so far

By the time we got to the hospital the contractions had all stopped; Laura was put on a monitor for nearly an hour and had a few other checks with midwife and a doctor.

Everything seems fine at the moment, we don’t know what caused the contractions to start (or stop again for that matter) so we’ll just have to play it by ear.