Sky broadband customer? Moving house? Read This!

We’re moving house next Thursday, so last week I phoned Sky to let them know. I booked in installation of Sky TV at our new address and told them that we didn’t want to continue with the sky broadband when we moved.

On Monday My wife phoned me at work to tell me that she couldn’t get on line. When I got home I rebooted the router a couple of times but still couldn’t connect.

Yesterday we got an SMS on our home phone saying “your Sky broadband is now connected, enjoy!” I thought this was a bit odd considering we’ve been connected for the last 15 months or so. I decided to give Sky a call.

It turns out that as soon as you tell them you’re moving house they put in a request to have your broadband disconnected. Apparently this is because it can take 10 -12 days for the request to be actioned. In my case it took about four days.

We were disconnected without warning, it was never mentioned to me that we’d be disconnected before our moving date. I am absolutely furious with sky as we now have no way of accessing the internet at home for the ten days prior to moving home.