Testing IE6 & IE7 on the same machine

Since the arrival of IE7 there have been a number of workarounds developed to enable designers & developers to test their site in IE6 & IE7 on the same machine. However, none of these have been entirely successful; for example the standalone version of IE6 I had installed didn’t work with HTMLconditional comments, so my IE6 style sheet was not picked up.

Now MS have come to the rescue with a free virtual PC installation that allows you to run IE6 on your machine. It’s essentially like running another version of windows XP on your PC simultaneously.

You’ll need to download Virtual PC 2004 SP1 & the IE6 Testing VPC image from the microsoft. Install virtual PC, unzip the IE6 testing image, point virtual PC at it and off you go!

The virtual PC image is time bombed, so it won’t work after April next year, but by then hopefuly IE7 will be ubiquitous and we can forget IE6 ever happened.

Dreamweaver 8 losing FTP login settings

Recently I’ve been having a frustrating time using Dreamweaver’s FTP client. For some reason, it kept losing the FTP user name and password whenever I restarted dreamweaver, and it seems I was not alone.

It appears that the problem was caused by a conflict between the version of Dreamweaver I was running and IE7. Downloading the Dreamweaver 8.0.2 updater solved the problem for me. Apparently it can also be cause by a missing registry key,  Adobe have a knowledgebase article on the subject.