Looking forward to d.construct

d.construct07It’s only just over a week away now. d.construct is the only conference I’m currently booked to attend this year (though I’m hoping to get to @media Ajax in November) So I’m really looking forward to it.

The sessions look like they are going to be very good – I’m also looking forward to spending getting to know a few people who’s blogs I’ve been following over the past few years. Oh, and the free food and drink ;¬)

If your going to be there get in touch through the backnetwork & let’s grab a beer.

dconstruct 07

I thought I’d write a bit about dconstruct before it became too distant a memory.

The conference was really enjoyable and I came away with quite a lot of ideas buzzing about my head. i particularly enjoyed Designing for a Web of Data by Tom Coates and Jared Spool on The Dawning of the Age of Experience. Jared’s magic tricks where a welcome bit of non techy entertainment too.

My only slight disappointment on the day was that I was absolutely knackered – I think I was actually a bit jet lagged – I only got back from Las Vegas two days before, so I wasn’t as awake as I would’ve liked to have been. I couldn’t face the after party – anyone who knows me will know it’s not like me to pass up on free beer. Any way, I’ll definitely be back for dconstruct 08; in the meantime I need to find some other conferences to attend – I’m toying with the idea of going to @media Ajax in November.