Good golly miss Molly!

Molly E. Holzschlag knows her stuff; She’s been working in the webstandards arena since before there was even an arena to work in! I’ve seen her speak a couple of times, first at CSS for designers back in 2005 and then last year at @media 2006 where she spoke about internationalisation. Molly never fails to inspire with obvious passion for her subject. Molly has written several books on web technology & is the out going Group Lead for WaSP (the Web Standards Project). She also writes a popular blog.

Earlier this week Molly announced that she’s signed on with the Internet Explorer team on a contract basis to work on standards and interoperability issues.

I think this is excellent news, anything that sees MS developing with standards in mind and gets us closer a more interoberable web has got to be a good thing. As part of her work with Microsoft Molly has started a new blog “The Daily Molly“. I hope that it lives up to it’s name. Molly doesn’t post nearly as often as I’d like her to on, so knowing that there’s another place to tap into her knowledge is a good thing.

Molly’s announcement follows hot on the heels of news that Chris Wilson, Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer Platform team at Microsoft (and ex-Group Program Manager) is going to be the initial chair of the W3C’s new HTML Working Group. In some circles this new has been greeted with dismay. For the life of me I cannont understand why this should be. Microsoft may have been extremely slow to adopt W3C standards in the past, indeed the gap between IE6 & IE7 was far too long; however they are now working hard to comply with standards, Chris has shown that he personally is commited to the cause and I beleive that under his stewardhip the W3C WG will do the right thing for developers and end users.