Baby update – 38 week check

Today’s Midwife appointment was pretty uneventful. The results from Laura’s Glucose & Iron tests where fine; baby’s heart rate is fine. It’s lying in the correct position, so that’s fine too :o)

Laura is extremely uncomfortable and pretty fed up now and I can’t say I blame her. We are both just looking forward to baby Ford making an appearance now.

Baby update

We’ve been for the 36 week check today.

The midwife seems happy with everything so that’s all good; Laura has got to go for a blood sugar level test next week as the dipstick showed slightly raised levels of glucose. We’re not overly concerned about that though because she had the same thing with Isla.

Next check in two weeks time.

No baby Today – or at least not so far

By the time we got to the hospital the contractions had all stopped; Laura was put on a monitor for nearly an hour and had a few other checks with midwife and a doctor.

Everything seems fine at the moment, we don’t know what caused the contractions to start (or stop again for that matter) so we’ll just have to play it by ear.

Baby Update – Is this it?

I got rudely awoken about 04:30 Today by Laura with what she described as a “very sore tummy”.
Since then she’s been having contractions varying in strength and frequency, but no further apart than 10 minutes. She has just phoned the hospital and they want her to go in for an assessment at 10:00.

The baby isn’t due for another five weeks and we are nowhere near ready.
Watch this space

Fancy calling a car dealership “Mark”

Following on from a thread on the sitepoint forums I decided to see if “” was available.

It turns out it isn’t. is registered to a Ford dealer in the US of A. This is a downside to having the surname Ford, the only other one I can think of is people pronouncing it “Fouwd”.

Woah! this is a bit spooky!! I just looked up; it’s not being used at the moment, but it’s registered to another Mark Ford in the same town as me! I didn’t realise my name was that common.

Baby scans

They’ve been a long time coming, but here are the ultrasound scans of baby Ford #2 (due November 2006):

20 week scan

20weekscan1 20weekscan2 12weekscan3

12 week scan

12weekscan1 12weekscan2

9 week scan