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11 Aug, 2009

CB > FB?

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Sometimes I feel a bit jealous of teenagers today. They have all this cool online social networking stuff that I would have loved to had access to when I was their age, but this evening while deflating the paddling pool (I know, rock & roll eh?) it dawned on me…

I was using a social network 18+ years ago!


OK so I wasn’t on Twitter or facebook or bebo or whatever, but still:

  • we invited our friends (on Channel 19)
  • we arranged events
  • we had handles, back then I wasn’t fordie – I was “Nemesis” (Rawr!!!!1!one)
  • we made new connections
  • we shared geo location data (what’s your twenty?)
  • we pimped our profiles (or our rigs, with echos and fancy roger beeps)
  • we even occasionally swapped songs (even though it pissed other breakers off a bit)

So in the last 18 or more years the technology has changed, but our use of it hasn’t all that much. Looking back with my rose tinted specs it seems that CB will always be better than FB.

I wonder what’ll be next?

  • jim cunliffe

    What a great little blogpost. You’re absolutely right :)

  • Mark Ford (yes it’s my name too!!)

    Yep I was there too! Range Rider was my handle (bit cheesy that on hindsight!) btw my name is also Mark Ford (from littlehampton).

    I turned on a CB only the other day for the first time in 20 years it was dead! seems everyone is on the net these days, comeback the good ol days – pick a window, whats your twenty, DX’n on the skip, and endless idiots playing convoy on channel 19!

    .. good blog post!

  • James McLeod

    I loved CB as a kid. I remember all those long aerials on people’s roofs. :) Not sure if it was slightly chav though? Lol… Breaker breaker…

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